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Promoting and Recognizing Real Country Music of the 21st Century

About Essie Accolades

Country music has come a long way from the first country music recording star Jimmie Rodgers of the 1920’s and 1930’s to the music now played on country music radio.

On today’s country music radio, pop music or pop country (not country) has taken over the world of country music radio. Much of today’s Hot 40 Country songs are no more country music then George Straight is rock and roll. The country music industry has betrayed real country music artists and fans by pushing “pop country” into the world of country music.

Additionally, the Country Music Academy (CMA) and the Academy of Country Music (ACM) have gone over to the other side--the "pop" side. Their awards show has become unrecog-nizable as a country music awards show.

I decided to create a new country music recognition entity to acknowledge real country music talent and great country music: Essie Accolades. I named it Essie Accolades to honor my Mom because she is the one who played real country music during my childhood and gave me the education of what real country music should sound like.

This website and books (published and yet to be published) is my attempt to bring back real country music to country music radio and to the forefront of the country music industry. I want to recognize and honor those real country music artist who do not receive radio airplay as they should and be recognized as the country music stars they deserve to be. 

                                                                                                         ~ Gene Johns
                                                                                                             Founder, Essie Accolades

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